Brime known as Brime Slim

Brime; which can be known as Brime Slime or Brown Mucas
is a word describing the fluid secreted by the elusive creature Yava. – See definition of ‘Yava’

Yava are rare and old creatures which have ansestors that date back to the Crustaceous period. Yava however unlike humans do not have quickly devolping brains, and the Yava have still not caught up with the rapidly developed brain of the human. This explains the sometimes horrific and gruesome actions a Yava can comitt.

Little is still known about the Yava, which remains have been found in caves all round the world, but the most concentration of remains are found in caves north of Istanbul.

All Yava secrete a Brown Slime or Brown Mucas (Brime) either through Ejaculation, Sneezing or Snarzing. The ejaculation is often used for farcical reasons, for the Yava’s own humour or for sex. While sneezes are purely accidental, a ‘Snarzing Fit’, a massive sneezing fit that is unique to Yava is not.

Most ‘Ejaculation Attacks’ are not fatal, though in theory should be to the victim after the Yava can leave them with hideous scars for life.

Several ‘Ejaculation attacks’ from Yava have been recorded, one famous attack being that on little Jimmy Corbitt.There was no footage of the attack though a reconstruction of the attack is in making at the moment.There was also no evidence except the screams heard from many residents in the nearby area and the Brime left on Little Jimmy Corbitt’s face. He couldn’t preserve this as evidence as he couldnt help but wash it off Immediately.

1.”Little Jimmy Corbitt Screamed in horror as he woke to find his face smothered in Brown Slime secreted by the Yava scuttling off into the distance”.

2.”Little Jimmy Corbitt couldnt bare to look in the miror as he washed the burning Brown Mucas from his eyes and forehead”.

3.”Little Jimmy Corbitt gasped as he follwed the trail of Brime to the Yava-Like Character hiding amidst bushes”.
by Hasim kantelmuri October 18, 2006

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