The Sphinx

The Sphinx Ralph Waldo Emerson – 1803-1882 The Sphinx is drowsy, The wings are furled; Her ear is heavy, She broods on the world. “Who’ll tell me my secret, The ages have kept?– I awaited the seer, While they slumbered and slept;– “The fate of the man-child; The meaning of man; Known fruit of the unknown; … Read more

BRIME as a Aconym

BRIME Acronym Definition BRIME BRIdge Management in Europe (UK) BRIME Brief Repetitive Isometric Exercise BRIME Brief Resisted Isometric Exercise (physical therapy)

Brime de Sog

Brime de Sog is a municipality located in the province of Zamora, Castile and León, Spain. According to the 2004 census (INE), the municipality has a population of 215 inhabitants.